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Doulos Community's work
Child to be enrolled in our MCH center MCH center mothers and children

Women's handicrafts Literacy center

Our home and neighbors
The street in front of our home The street in front of our home The street in front of our home Fati, our adopted mother Coumba, Fati's co-wife Fati and Coumba in front of the house we share with them

Hannah and James with neighbor friends Our home's daily water delivery Washing hands by candlelight in our home Our kids at our home Aissata coming to visit our rooms Mariama, our next-door neighbor

Michele and Mariama, our next-door neighbor          

Mauritanian Sahara Saharan sandstorm Private prayer Fun and Games Mauritanian camels Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz 1Tim 2:1-3

A Friend Mauritanian mother and child Listening to colleagues Église Évangélique Internationale worship team Preaching at Église Évangélique Internationale

Family photos
Family on dune 1999 Family on dune 2005 Family on dune 2005 Joel shanty Joseph at the Dunes Michele by our bookshelves

Our kids with their Arabic teacher      

Around the world
Teaching in India Speaking at the 2007 Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue With the President of al-Azhar University With an Egyptian Sheikh

Other photos
Africa drifting away from the world's concern
Cartoon by
Someone who profoundly influenced my life when I met her in 1981

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